Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit
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Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit
Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit
Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit
Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit
Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit
Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit
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Non-Surgical FaceLift Kit

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Is achieving younger-looking, wrinkle-free, glowing skin possible without plastic surgery or Botox?

Yes! You can now bring your skin back to life with Primal Life's Non-Surgical Facelift Kit!  It’s our most popular Beauty-In-A-Box Kit, reducing wrinkles, unclogging pores, and keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

The Primal Life Face Sculptor gives your skin an at-home “facelift” using high-frequency, ultrasonic oscillation technology and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to penetrate the skin by 4-7 cm.

The Face Sculptor features three treatment modes - Cleanse, Moisturize, and Lift.

The ultrasonic vibrations from the Cleanse setting open up pores to remove dirt and impurities enhancing the shedding of aging skin and aberrant cells.

The Moisturize mode is designed to enhance the penetration of skincare products. The same ultrasonic oscillation that helps clear away impurities combine with an anion flow to help skin attract and absorb your moisturizer. This helps your skin absorb moisturizers and serums more deeply, allowing your skin to stay moisturized.

The Face Sculptor’s most powerful feature is the EMS micro-current generated by the Lift mode. It gently stimulates facial muscles, tightens skin, lifts facial contours, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Combined with the Primal Life Earth Cleanser, Coffee Bean Serum, Blu Berry Serum, and Sweet Revenge Facial Exfoliator, your skin will look and feel transformed in just minutes a day.

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Spend 2-3 minutes twice a week "sculpting" a younger you with our Ultrasonic Facial Sculptor (included in this kit). The ultrasonic vibrations and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) work to stimulate cell regeneration and “lift” away fine lines for a youthful and glowing complexion your friends will envy!

It’s simple and easy, with results that rival expensive spa treatments without the exorbitant price tag.

There's no need to spend exorbitant amounts to achieve younger and healthier-looking skin. The Primal Life's Non-Surgical Facelift Kit is cost-effective and convenient - with results surpassing even the most luxurious spa treatments without even leaving your home.

Erase fine lines, puffiness, pillow face, dark circles, and dull, saggy skin. Your skin will have a youthful glow from the gentle facial massage, deep cleaning, and sonic vibrations that get your blood flowing.

The kit includes Earth Face Wash, Coffee Bean Serum, Blu Berry Serum, Sweet Revenge Exfoliator, and the Ultrasonic Facial Sculptor - your muscle stimulator and magic eraser!


  • A bright, glowing complexion
  • Smoother and softer skin
  • Effortless makeup application
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Firmer and toned skin
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin


    Inside your skin

    FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN must be maintained to keep your skin looking its best. The Primal Life's Facelift Kit works to stimulate these five pillars naturally.

    • Blood Flow: Ensures oxygen and nutrient delivery and removal of wastes. It keeps your skin healthy and young.
    • Hydration (internal moisture): Essential for regenerating and hydrating skin cells while maintaining “firmness” and structure in skin tissue...
    • Muscle Tone: 42 Facial muscles keep your cheekbones prominent, eyebrows lifted, and your face alive. Without daily exercises, the muscles atrophy, and facial tissues “droop”.
    • Collagen: Keeps skin soft, firm, and smooth.
    • Elastin: Gives skin its “bounce-back” and youthful firmness.

    Seventy-five percent of your skin is composed of water and collagen. It is exposed daily to the harsh sun UVA and UVB radiation, resulting in age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

    As you age, your skin produces less collagen, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and age spots. Most anti-aging products use artificial ingredients, un-purified water, and fragments of hydrolyzed collagen-containing molecules that are too large for the skin to absorb.

    Primal Life uses ultrasonic vibrations from our Facial Sculptor to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin naturally. It can deeply cleanse, exfoliate and improve the penetration of our concentrated facial serums. Our facial cleansers and serums contain natural plant oils and extracts which quickly penetrate the skin's surface to rebuild, regenerate, and rejuvenate the skin.


    Whether you are 18 or 68, the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit helps to rebuild your facial internal structures so your skin looks just as healthy on the outside as on the inside. As a registered nurse, Trina developed the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit to target ALL FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN - increasing blood flow, improving hydration, rebuilding facial muscles (say hello to those incredible, high cheekbones again), restoring collagen, and supporting elastin production. Healthy skin is vibrant, glowing, and "bounces" back.

    You are never too young to restore, balance, and rebuild your internal skin structures. How the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit works for every age:

    Ages 18-32: Maintain your skin's internal structures as natural aging begins. This kit maintains your youthful appearance by supporting the production of collagen and elastin, keeping your facial muscles toned, and maintaining circulation to facilitate better nutrient delivery and detoxification of the skin. Results: glowing, toned skin that resists signs of aging longer.

    Ages 33-45: At this age, your blood flow, collagen, and elastin are decreasing. You may notice age spots, yellow and sallow skin, droopy cheeks, tired eyes, and a dull complexion.  Adult acne can also result from toxic tissue build-up due to less blood flow reducing waste removal. Dehydrated skin and muscle loss show up as thinning, droopy skin. The Non-Surgical Facelift Kit stimulates the FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN, bringing your skin back to life. Sculpt back high cheekbones and achieve a smoother and more vibrant complexion.

    Ages 46+: At this time, for your skin to look its best, it needs help to support the internal structures that will maintain its hydration, circulation, muscle tone, collagen, and elastin. Maintaining these FIVE PILLARS of your skin will keep it looking younger and reduce the signs of aging. Look 15-20 years younger without surgery, expensive treatments, or products.

    At 54 years old, Trina is living proof that you can maintain your youthful appearance!

    "I developed our products for people who want naturally clean and healthy skincare while also wanting to look10 to 15 years younger, without the potential risks of surgery or botox."

    How it works

    How it works:

    **Best results when used daily for 2-3 days a week following Trina's Facelift Technique. Results may vary and may not be typical.

    As a child, your skin was smooth, healthy, and vibrant. But as you age, it can become dry, wrinkled, saggy, and discolored.

    Why? Your skin is your largest organ and is exposed to the natural elements of the sun, wind, and air, along with free radicals from toxins, air pollutants, and cigarette smoke. Combined with dehydrating and harsh commercial products, your skin loses its elasticity, firmness, and vibrancy over time.

    Age also leads to the loss and breakdown of collagen in the dermal layer of your skin. Collagen is key to providing structural support to your skin and keeps it looking full and healthy. As your body produces less, your skin begins to sag and wrinkle.

    Primal Life's Non-Surgical Facial Kit works from the inside out to combat the effects of aging. By stimulating the five pillars of healthy skin - blood flow, hydration, muscle tone, collagen, and elastin - you can rebuild your facial structure and stimulate new cell growth for younger-looking healthier skin.


    To maintain youthful and healthy skin, keep up the FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN - blood flow, hydration, muscle tone, collagen, and elastin.

    These are the structural components of your skin. When one or more of these pillars begin to fall (or fail), signs of aging become more prominent.

    Signs of aging include fine lines, prominent wrinkles (laugh lines, crow’s feet, “11’s” or the furrowed brow), red spots, discolorations, dry, dull-looking skin, loss of the “bounce” factor, and droopy skin.

    Naturally, beautiful-looking skin is hydrated, younger looking, feels fuller, and is more toned.


    • DEHYDRATED SKIN: Water-based skincare makes this worse and causes moisture loss. Furthermore, the harsh chemicals and lab-made ingredients dehydrate the skin more. Dry skin looks wrinkled and lifeless.
    • MUSCLE LOSS: As we age, our facial muscles atrophy and cause “droopy” or “saggy” skin on our face. Relying solely on skincare products will not work on muscle tone and are ineffective when it comes to this cause of aging.
    • DECREASED BLOOD FLOW: As we age, blood flow naturally declines, and toxic build-up accumulates in the skin, therefore, making it appear lifeless, sallow, and discolored. It also reduces the number of nutrients delivered to the skin structures.
    • DECREASED COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: We don’t produce as much collagen in our skin as we age. The skin is soft, smooth, and firm when collagen levels are high. Collagen helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves. Collagen also helps keep the skin moist. Loss of collagen production is natural and cannot be cured with skincare products.
    • DECREASED ELASTIN PRODUCTION: Our skin also produces less elastin as we age. Loss of elastin prevents your skin from “bouncing back” to its original shape (think droopy and thin skin). Again, skincare products do not cure this cause of aging.

    The Non-Surgical Facelift Kit works to combat these root causes of aging by stimulating the five pillars of healthy skin - blood flow, hydration, muscle toning, collagen, and elastin. Combined with the PLO natural skincare products, your skin will look younger and healthier from the inside out.

      How-To Video

      Everyday Routine:

        1. Wash with Earth Face Cleanser 2x daily.
        2. Apply Sweet Revenge Exfoliator as directed 1x each week.
        3. Apply Coffee Bean Serum as directed every morning.
        4. Apply Blu Berry Serum as directed every night.

      **Use Face Sculptor, for 2-6 minutes twice a week, with a cleanser and serum for best results.**

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